Gapage: Conversations with Brent, Ken, & an Intern

Podcasting friends Ken & Brent (and the Intern) get together and talk. Listen in as they explore the gapage.

Gapage #12 Video

At the last Podcaster LIVE at the Imperial Pub event, we were lucky to have Squidpod present, and even more lucky that they shot a video of us recording Gapage #12.

The next Podcast LIVE night is on November 9th, 2010, should you totally come to the party

Gapage #12

Recorded in front of a live audience on October 12, 2010 at the Imperial Pub in Toronto. We will be recording our next live show on November 9, 2010, come join us.

Song: Ghost Brother by Great Lakes

Gapage #11

Featuring the return of The Gapage Intern.

More show notes coming later.

Song: Complicated Life by the Kinks

Gapage #9

Featuring interviews from famousy people like Neil Gorman and Dave Brodbeck from PAB2010 conducted by The Gapage Intern

  • Brent’s 28th birthday party: breaking hearts and noses
  • Brent tries to justify spending money on VIP at a club to himself
  • Brent whines about being depressed which leads to discussion of emerging adulthood (What Is It About 20-Somethings? the NYT article about the topic)
  • Comparing to your forebearing is never a good idea
  • First-world Problems
  • A rift forms between Ken and Brent as they discusss dogs and cats. 
  • Brent doesn’t get cats, while Ken is controlled by them under an iron paw

Song: Beatles or some shit

Gapage #8

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Show Notes

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